Here's a revised version of the step-by-step guide for registering and

Step 1: Registration

To enjoy your favorite shows on My5, you first need to register for a free account. Follow these simple steps:

Access Registration: Visit the My5 website or use the mobile app. Click on "Sign In" and select the "Register" tab.
Enter Details: Fill in your name, postcode (in all capital letters with a space in the middle, e.g., AB1 2CD), date of birth, and email address.
Create Password: Generate a password and confirm that you've read and accepted the terms & conditions.
Select Birth Date: Click on the calendar icon next to the birth date field to choose the year, month, and day of your birth.
Complete Registration: Finish the registration process.
Step 2: Signing in on Your TV or Streaming Device

Once registered, follow these steps to sign in to My5 on your TV or streaming device:

Access Activation Site: Visit the activation site specified.
Sign In: Use your registered email address and password to sign in to your My5 account.
Enter Activation Code: On the activation site, you'll see six blank boxes. Open the My5 app on your TV or streaming device. When prompted to sign in, a six-digit activation code will appear on your TV screen. Enter this code into the boxes on the activation website.
Submit Code: Click "Submit" to proceed.
By following these steps, you'll successfully register for a My5 account, sign in, and activate My5 on your TV or streaming device, granting you access to a variety of shows and content.